Effective July 18, 2019, Abaco Machines USA has partnered with UK-based LPE Group to expand distribution in the United Kingdom and EU market of Abaco’s time-proven line of material handing equipment.

ABOUT LPE GROUP  LPE Group is one of the world’s leading distributors in the stone industry, with several subsidiary companies covering UK, Europe and USA. With 100 years combined experience covering all aspects in the stone industry, from quarrying to final fabrication, LPE Group is perfectly positioned to provide the most valuable service to our clients. We work with the industry’s largest and most prestigious suppliers. As Exclusive distributors for some brands across vast markets like UK, Europe and the US, we can guarantee delivery with professional service and support.

ABOUT ABACO MACHINES USA  Since 1995, California-based Abaco Machines USA has been researching, developing, producing and distributing specialized material handling equipment. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying lifting, storing, transporting and cutting equipment for the stone, glass, and forklift industries throughout the world. We manufacture our products in our 350 employee factory in Vietnam. We sell exclusively thru Authorized Distributors that primarily service the stone and glass fabricator segment. Through other channel distribution partners, Abaco has also supplied many leading organizations with our material handling equipment including SpaceX, Boeing, Samsung, LG Hausys, FEDEX, the US Armed Forces and more.