New Rock Jockey Pro Bundle includes Abaco Little Giant Automatic Stone Lifter ALG50A


Product Bundle Update: Abaco Machines USA has partnered with Stone Pro Equipment to bundle the Abaco Little Giant Automatic Stone Lifter ALG50A-W with the next generation Rock Jockey.

The Made-in-USA Rock Jockey reduces one of the two men needed to move stone slabs with a lift truck and boom. This includes taking the slab off the truck, placing and removing the slab from a slab rack, placing the slab on any A-Frame or a photo stand. Manufactured by Stone Pro Equipment Co of Effingham, Illinois, the New Rock Jockey Pro Bundle is now available for direct ordering.

The Abaco Little Giant Lifter is a unique lifting device that was specifically designed for the handling of stone slabs and sheets. It has become the most popular lifting product for the marble, granite and stone industries all over the world. The New Abaco Little Giant Automatic model #ALG50A integrates the patented auto-lock design to streamline operation.

The unique Rock Jockey product reduces the opportunity for injury or death caused by the current method, which places a man in the fall zone and can place a man between a stationary object and a moving lift truck. Rock Jockey, produced by Stone Pro Equipment in Effingham, Illinois, has many successful installations at stone fabricators nationwide.

Since 1995, California-based Abaco Machines USA has been researching, developing, producing and distributing specialized material handling equipment. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying lifting, storing, transporting and cutting equipment for the stone, glass, and forklift industries throughout the world. We manufacture our products in our 350 employee factory in Vietnam. We sell exclusively thru Authorized Distributors that primarily service the stone and glass fabricator segment. Through other channel distribution partners, Abaco has also supplied many leading organizations with our material handling equipment including SpaceX, Boeing, Samsung, LG Hausys, FEDEX, the US Armed Forces and more.

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