2022 Pricing News

Abaco Machines USA

Due to ongoing / well-known supply chain cost increases and other higher expenses, Abaco Machines will be raising Approved Prices for Abaco Brand Products for 2022 by a substantial amount. We target to send the updated price excel to Approved Distributors around January 15 to become effective February 1, 2022.

What about Backorders and the New Prices ?
On current backorder items, there is no price protection available. When the backordered items actually arrive, we will confirm the availability in stock and the then current price. Duly understood some customers may reject the new prices; backorders can be cancelled with no penalty, unless it is a one-time special order item that is not normally in our “Popular Product” rotation.

Abaco Machines will be adopting a New MAP Pricing Policy effective 2022 Q1. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) sets what is the lowest price that can be advertised and levels the playing field for all our Authorized Distributor Partners.