About us

Since 1995, California-based Abaco Machines USA has been researching, developing, producing, and distributing specialized material handling equipment. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying lifting, storing, transporting, and cutting equipment for the stone, glass, and forklift industries throughout the world. We manufacture our products in our 350-employee factory in Vietnam.

We import our products from our Vietnam factory to our Paramount, California HQ. We service & support North America, Central America, and South America from our California location. We sell primarily thru our Authorized Distributor network that primarily services the stone and glass fabricator segment. Through other channels, Abaco has also supplied many leading organizations with our material handling equipment including SpaceX, Boeing, Samsung, FEDEX, the US Armed Forces, and more.

The Abaco Lifter is a unique lifting device that was specifically designed for the handling of stone slabs and sheets. Since then, it has become the most popular product for the marble, granite and stone industries all over the world. Also introduced was the Abaco Glass Lifter which was designed for the glass industry. Its design provides a way to safely and securely lift glass sheets with the fully automated jaws gripping both sides of the glass.

We are always happy to hear from our Distributors and end users regarding new products. We will consider production of a new product on OEM basis when minimum quantity criteria are met. All OEM inquiries can be made at our Paramount, California HQ.