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A Creative Solution To Lift Glass Sheets Securety

Abaco Glass Lifter was developed to be utilized in combination with a forklift or an electric hoist to transport glass sheets.
AGL28 is a further version of the Glass Lifter series. This collection addresses consumer concerns and offers solutions for dealing with material slabs in the stone and glass production industries.
What’s outstanding about Glass Lifter?
  • The clamping mechanism operates automatically to grip and release the sheet quickly and easily.
  • The vulcanized rubber on the clamp provides a deeper grip and protection for the glass from chipping or damage.
  • The Glass Lifter is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight and sturdy.
  • The high protection with four lower wheels prevents the device from scratching on the ground. Four upper wheels help to put pressure on the glass surface and guide the sheet glides into the clamp.
  • Two guiding shafts help the machine smoothly reach for the glass in the correct position.

Technical specifications of Abaco Glass Lifter
The Glass Lifter contains dimensions and specifications offering special qualities for handling different sizes of stone slabs in confined locations. 

Why choose Abaco Machines USA?
The Glass Lifter is a product with an innovative and value design that promises greater flexibility and scalability in the stone and glass fabrication industry.
– Outstanding customer service
– 1-year warranty on all products
– Competitive pricing with high-quality products
– Product customization service


Rubber Color


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