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  • : Vietnam
  • Code
  • : SBG800P; SBG800S; SBG2640P; SBG2640S
  • Guarantee
  • : 1 Year
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Store And Transport Stone Slabs Safely With Abaco Slab Buggy
Abaco Slab Buggy is designed for the transportation and storage of stone slabs in job sites, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or construction sites.
SBG800P, SBG800S, SBG2640P, and SBG2640S are models from the Slab Buggy series. These products reach what the consumer is considering and provide alternate solutions in dealing with heavy-duty stone slabs.
What’s outstanding about Slab Buggy?
  • The Slab Buggy is made of steel so it is sturdy and durable. 
  • The structure of two A-Frames parallel on both sides ensures transporting of stone slabs firmly and securely.
  • Rubber strips on the surface prevent the stone slabs from slipping, scratching, and damaging.
  • Casters are offset outside the steel frame for added stability.
  • Pneumatic tires allow easy transport on rough surfaces.
  • Swivel casters with locking brakes keep the cart from moving.
  • The narrow design allows the Slab Buggy to pass through any standard door widths.
  • Designed for maximum stability but compact enough for smaller work areas.
Technical specifications of Abaco Slab Buggy
The Slab Buggy has ideal dimensions and features that enable transport and storage of heavy-duty stone slabs easier in any working environment.
Why choose Abaco Machines USA?
Abaco Machines USA guarantees that everyone who purchases will be satisfied with the top-value equipment due to our experience, proficiency, and supportive customer service.
– Outstanding customer service
– 1-year warranty on all products
– Competitive pricing with high-quality products
– Product customization service

SBG2640P, SBG2640S, SBG800P, SBG800S

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