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  • : ALG30; ALG50; ALG60; ALG75
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  • : 1 Year
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I. Equipment general information
The Little Giant Lifter is particularly applicable for gripping and lifting stone slabs with dependable thicknesses ranging between several selections.
This equipment is sufficient for handling both natural and artificial stones or other flat materials in construction sites, workshops, warehouses, and other places.
We invented the Stone Slab Lifter in other model designs, including the ALG30, ALG50, ALG60, and ALG75. Our product diversity guarantees to solve all client needs and offers many choices in the stone and glass manufacturing market.
II. Features and benefits
  • Aluminum is the main material of the Stone Slab Lifter making it solid, lightweight, and durable in harsh and impact environments.
  • Rubber pads with high friction and elasticity cover the surface of the clamp plates. It firmly clamps and protects the stone slab from damage.
  • The equipment contains a specific swivel shackle that enables the lifter and the object being lifted to rotate 360 degrees smoothly.
  • The Stone Slab Lifter collaborates with a hoist (or forklift truck) to clamp, lift, and transport the stone slab.
  • The lifter guarantees operator safety while improving productivity with equipped protection features.
III. Technical specifications
The Stone Slab Lifter is manufactured with innovative dimensions and specifications to easily and conveniently lift various stone slabs in every workplace.
 IV. Why choose Abaco Machines USA?
The Little Giant Lifter makes sure that every customer will be impressed with the high-quality products through our qualifications, experience, and friendly customer service.
– The Stone Slab Lifter follows the European standard for Safety and Quality (CE)
– Outstanding customer service
– 1-year warranty on all products
– Competitive pricing with high-quality products
– Owning a factory with more than 11 years of experience
– More than 75 distributors in the world
– Product customization service

ALG30, ALG50, ALG60, ALG75

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