ABACO SCISSOR CLAMP – SC100, SC100AL-M2, SC150, SC350, SC400

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ABACO SCISSOR CLAMP – SC100, SC100AL-M2, SC150, SC350, SC400

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  • : Vietnam
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  • : SC100; SC100AL-M2; SC150; SC350; SC400
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  • : 1 Year
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  • : In Stock with SC100-B; SC100-W; SC100ALM2-B; SC100ALM2-W; SC150-B; SC150-W; SC350-B; SC350-W; SC400-B; SC400-W
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I.    Equipment general information
The Scissor Clamp is a device specially designed to clamp and move stone slabs with different thicknesses, ideal for various types of stone material. It is considered versatile and can be efficiently used to handle both natural and artificial stones. 
The impressive construction of the Scissor Clamp provides a solid structure making it convenient and practical.
Therefore, it is possible to optimize the working time and labor energy involved in lifting and moving the stone slabs with the assistance of our Scissor Clamp.
We developed the Scissor Clamp with multiple product models such as the SC100, SC100ALM2, SC150, SC350, and SC400. The diversity of our product will satisfy all client requirements and provide many kinds of business solutions in the stone and glass fabrication industry.
II.  Features and benefits
  • The Scissor Clamp is mainly made out of steel for sturdiness and durability.
  • The clamping mechanism is completely automatic operation.
  • A vulcanized rubber covering protects the stopper and clamp jaw to secure the stone slabs from chipping and scratching as well as enhancing adhesion during operation.
  • The clamp is developed to use in combination with a hoist or a forklift boom to grip, lift, and transport the stone slabs.
  • The machinery had been constructed with all the protection details necessary to improve production efficiency and operator security.
III. Technical specifications
The Scissor Clamp has unique dimensions and features that enable carrying heavy-duty stone slabs easier in any working environment.
IV. Why choose Abaco Machines USA?
The Scissor Clamp guarantees that everyone who purchases will be satisfied with the top-value equipment due to our experience, proficiency, and supportive customer service.
– The Scissor Clamp follows the European standard for Safety and Quality (CE)
– Outstanding customer service
– 1-year warranty on all products
– Competitive pricing with high-quality products
– Product customization service

SC100, SC100ALM2, SC150, SC350, SC400

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